Trowel Machine Blades

Bracing Systems provides a full range of masonry suppliesand construction equipment including Trowel Machine Blades.

Our Trowel Machine Blades come in many different varieties and types.

Please call 630-665-2732 for questions on Trowel Machine Blades.

Trowel Machine Blades

High quality Wagman trowel machine blades. Will work with most troweling machines of varying sizes and brands. In stock and available for shipment or pick up. Quantity discounts available, please call or email.

SKU Description
WX5925M6 5"x9-1/4" Combo Blade - 24"
WM8140CH 8"x14" Combo Blade -36"
WX8140 8"x14" Combo Blade -36"
WX8160 8"x16" Combo Blade -42"
WM8180CH 8"x18" Combo Blade -46"
WX8180 8"x18" Combo Blade -46"
WM61325CH 6"x14" Finish Blade -36"
WX614F 6"x14" Finish Blade -36"
WX616F 6"x16" Finish Blade -42"
WM618CH 6"x18" Finish Blade -46"
WX618F 6"x18" Finish Blade -46"
WX614SRP 6"x14" Plastic Finish Blade
WX618SRP 6"x18" Plastic Finish Blade
WX914FO 9"x14" Float Blade -36"
WX918FO 9"x18" Float Blade -46"
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